SquarePeg vs. Alternatives

Discover how SquarePeg compares to alternatives

Discover why SquarePeg is the better choice for streamlining your recruiting process and offers greater value compared to alternatives.

Rated 4.9/5
Alternative to Dover

SquarePeg offers more features and automation, and more detailed analytics compared to Dover.

Alternative to Covey

SquarePeg surpasses Covey with comprehensive automation, integrations, and superior analytics.

Alternative to Teamable

SquarePeg's automation, analytics, and candidate management is more efficient than Teamable.

Alternative to Gem

SquarePeg outperforms Gem with superior job requirement insight and campaign management.

Alternative to Wellfound

SquarePeg simplifies sourcing more and offers comprehensive analytics compared to Wellfound.

Alternative to Fetcher

SquarePeg outshines Fetcher with more automation, unlimited features, and analytics.

Alternative to Moonhub

SquarePeg significantly outperforms Moonhub in sourcing and managing candidates.

Alternative to HireEZ

SquarePeg doesn't charge per candidate and offers applicant tracking, which hireEZ lacks.

Alternative to Seekout

SquarePeg offers comprehensive candidate evaluation and applicant tracking, unlike SeekOut.

Alternative to Chatkick

Chatkick lacks many key features and requires more manual effort compared to SquarePeg.

Alternative to Hireflow

SquarePeg offers a more comprehensive and cost-effective solution compared to Hireflow.

Alternative to Parallel

SquarePeg offers comprehensive features, better sourcing, and more useful analytics than Parallel.

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