SquarePeg Product Update: July 2024

We have two exciting updates to share. First, it’s now possible to source candidates without exposing company information. Second, a sneak peek at upcoming improvements to SquarePeg’s AI.

Powerful candidate sourcing without exposing company-identifiable information

Stealth Mode allows you to take advantage of SquarePeg’s powerful candidate sourcing without exposing company information or limiting the number of candidates that see your job.

When Stealth Mode is enabled:

Learn more about stealth mode

More robust candidate targeting and evaluation with must-haves, nice-to-haves, and dealbreakers

Not only is SquarePeg’s AI getting a major upgrade, but so is how users train the AI to recruit on their behalf. Try the interactive demo.

For each targeting criterion, the following priorities can be specified:

Candidate previews will be shown, representing real candidates matching your targeting criteria. The goal is to modify the criteria until the sample candidates are qualified for the job.

A candidate reach indicator represents the total number of candidates available based on your targeting criteria. The goal is to modify the criteria until the reach indicator is in the ideal range.

Try the interactive demo for SquarePeg’s upcoming AI improvements.

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